Your Cloud , your Business…We make IT affordable!!!

Your Cloud , your Business…We make IT affordable!!!

True to our commitment in providing you the most cost effective and latest technology in today’s market. We are delighted and excited to bring you a flexible, fast and robust cloud experience at very reasonable costs. powered by reliable and globally renowned vendors Lenovo and Sangfor.

• World’s first and only 3rd Gen HCI Platform

 Comprehensive E2E one stop solution which deeply integrates compute, storage, networking and NFV

 One unified & intuitive web-based management platform in one pane of glass

 One step to cloud with smooth evolution

• Unprecedented Flexibility and Simplicity

 Appliance or Software, your choice!

 2 Nodes to start a cluster, best choice for ROBO

 One single unified platform with single vendor support

 One license suite with no confusion

• Best cost effective HCI solution in the market

 Significant TCO reduction through hardware and software consolidation

 Requires no specialist on O&M

• Thorough and professional local support

 Dedicated Pre-sales in SEA region and comprehensive CTI remote support from Malaysia

We have created 3 bundles that can cater to your different server workloads and will suit your budget. below is the EDM for your reference. You may also reach us using below contact details for any questions and inquiries.

Clik the below link for the brochure:

Your Cloud , your Business...We make IT affordable!!! (659 downloads)




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