Macrologic Newest Product Offering

Macrologic Newest Product Offering

The Macrologic Diversified Technologies, Inc. introduces the MACRO SENTRAL, the easiest way to collate government information to facilitate exchange of government information and communication transactions to smoothen delivery of basic goods and services to the public.

The “Macro Sentral ng Komunidad” serves as a tool to help local government automate reports, collect incidents, and to centralize them. Since information is the life-blood of any political entity, it is therefore of utmost importance to have a device that could generate reports to lessen misinformation.

The Macro Sentral is comprised of the Command Center and Touchpoints. The Command Center is a web-based back-office application that can be configured to either automatically or manually forward incident reports to the concerned departments, enabling resolvers and responders to provide timely action. Incident reports can be then reported to different touchpoints such as through mobile app, SMS, calls, and GPS-devices. The app automatically determines the location of the reporter so the incidents are geotagged. These are then sent to the Command Center.

Officials can easily monitor all movements happening in the Command Center through a centralized dashboard consisting of the Heatmap, Incident Map, and Executive Dashboard. Heatmap is a map segmented into administrative boundaries, color coding areas depending on volume of incidents reported. The Incident Map is a map showing pins depicting specific locations of incidents reported. Executive Dashborad – a visual representation summarizing volume of incidents reported per day, number of reported versus resolved incidents, and incident count per area, incident count per category and sub-category.

Clearly, MACRO SENTRAL has clear advantages over other similar systems. Firstly, it is IOT ready, meaning it can receive reports from sensors, smart-devices, and other IoT devices. More so, it is web-based, thus lower total cost of ownership for LGUs since the system is accessible from any modern web browsers. Furthermore, since the MACRO SENTRAL is built on web technologies, it allows easier integration with other technologies or external systems for future enhancements. Lastly, the program is cloud-ready – since the product is built using web technologies, it can either be deployed either on the cloud or on-premise. On cloud deployment, it further lowers the LGU’s TCO since they don’t have to have their own server infrastructure.

Dedicated to service excellence, Macrologic aims to extend its commitment to caliber service to the government. Burnished with its excellent track record in Information Technology industry, Macrologic would like to transcend its operational excellence to public service. As information communication technologies have permeated almost every area of modern life, it stands to reason that IT extend to government services

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