HP Enterprise Services Update

HP Enterprise Services Update

MDTI on the Move: HPE Technology Updates Last week on February 8, 2017, HPE Technology Services Update ensued on Seda Hotel Nuvali, co-presented by Macrologic Diversified Technologies, Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The event lasted from 11:00AM to 4:00PM, and featured several speakers. The speaker on Data Center Care focused on explaining how HPE supports the new style of business through converged infrastructure support combined with environment support. HPE Data Center Care Services proudly adheres to proactive standards of support, to minimize the pitfalls of downtime and optimize IT operations.

The discussion on HPE Education Services highlighted several modes of learning offered by HPE such as e-Learning, Live Virtual Instructor, On-Site Training, Video Instructions, Traditional Classroom, and lastly, Customer Education Training. Afterwards, the area of focus revolved around doing away with outdated warranty agreements and how HPE Support Service has revolutionized problem identification and subsequent problem-solving.

The next topic of interest titled ‘Notice about Third Party Maintenance’ expounded on the advantages of HPE over employing Third Party Maintainers (TPMs). The speaker compared and contrasted human resources, their respective tools and diagnostics, geographic coverage, quality of replacement parts, escalation processes, intellectual capital management, and their corresponding product and services portfolio. Basically—true to its promise that “there are no silver bullets”—HPE excels in risk management and providing quality services.

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