MDTI conducts Round Table Discussion in partnership with Microsoft, DELL EMC, and WSI

MDTI conducts Round Table Discussion in partnership with Microsoft, DELL EMC, and WSI

Macrologic Diversified Technologies, Inc. delivers yet another technological update to clients on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. The event featured speakers from Microsoft and DELL EMC, who introduced and expounded on their latest product offerings. The event lasted from noon well into late afternoon, adjourning just before evening at 5:00 PM. Technical updates comprise one factor of MDTI’s strong value proposition.
The first speaker—Mr. Jeffrey—from Microsoft focused on the features and strong points of Office 365 Business Premium Edition. He states that this Microsoft enterprise-grade cloud require minimal capital costs, continually delivers updates with no charge, and is more economical compared to on-premise license. The second speaker was from DELL EMC: Justin V. Salvador. He discussed technological advancements in their server and storage portfolio, focusing on different types of Solution Center branding. There also ensued a brief actual demonstration—a walk through on the functions and features—of the workings of Office 365 by Microsoft professionals.
The audience were actively engaged in the discussion from start to finish. The speakers gave expert advice on common problems and addressed their individual concerns. Another plus point to participation were the prizes. Early birds were rewarded for their punctuality. Exciting raffle items were also doled out after the program.
MDTI provides value-added services alongside the provision of the above mentioned products. It asserts this value in cost-effectiveness, accessibility, after-sales support, and a full-plan lineup that comprises its trademark.

Macrologic claims the summertime with a successful event at Boracay

Macrologic claims the summertime with a successful event at Boracay

MDTI, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Aruba, along with VMWare, APC, Laserfiche, hosted the ‘Macrologic Business Solutions Event’ at The Lind Boracay on the 24th of April 2017. The evening event was in full swing from 5:00PM well into 11:00PM.

This was the first event that Macrologic has held in the area, and evidence to its success can be found in the sheer volume of attendees. The event was graced by 27 companies—a total of 45 guests—hailing from diverse sectors but with a high concentration of the audience from the hospitality industry.

Macrologic also had the privilege of beholding the presence of BITA officers headed by Sir Kim Gallego, the IT Manager of Shangri-La Boracay and President of BITA; as well as the audience of Sir Sherwin Alcala, the IT Supervisor of Savoy Hotel and Vice President of BITA.

In observance with its theme, the event centered on the discussion of topics regarding trailblazing business solutions: HPE Server and Storage, Laserfiche: Document Management System, VMWare vSOM, HPE ArubaWired and Wireless. Attendees were alerted to the relevance and benefits that each of the trademarks can bring onto their businesses, especially to the hospitality industry.

MDTI directs Cebu Business Solutions Event

MDTI directs Cebu Business Solutions Event


Macrologic, in partnership with Lenovo and Intel, along with VMWare and Laserfiche, set off the Cebu Business Solutions Event last March 14, 2017 at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. The day event was graced with the attendance of MDTI’s business partners, customers, colleagues and other respected guests.

The event aims to acquaint the guests of the latest innovations from the event sponsors, with topics ranging from introductory discourse of IT trends to crash courses on how various products from their portfolio actually perform.

The first few topics of interest included a discussion of Lenovo products and services and its role in the market.

Thom Arjay Jaucian was the speaker for the topic entitled “Lenovo in the Data Center”. Having established itself as a leading international x86 provider—No. 3 among the ranks, in fact—Lenovo aims to climb up the charts and be delegated the No. 1 Trusted Data Center. Subsequently, a briefer on the rich history of change and transformation of the Data Center ensued.

Mr. Juacian also spearheaded the next topic on “Lenovo for Enterprise Solutions”, the duration of which examined the features and enhancements incorporated into Lenovo’s System X portfolio. The secret to great innovations is to pattern it to the needs of the clients, Mr. Jaucian affirms. The System X portfolio is designed to cater to ever-fluid business needs.

Lenovo Storage offerings, Lenovo Engineered Solutions, as well as Big Data were also enumerated and appraised. Big Data was presented by Mr. Meric Mara. Speakers delved into the commitment of Lenovo to dependability, reliability, and security that ensures its continued success.

The latter topics focused on VMWare and Laserfiche. The speaker for VMWare was Khat Dumangeng. She stressed the fluidity of IT innovations in a “liquid world” and the need to keep up with the times, the proceeded to discuss the vSphere portfolio.

Lastly, Laserfiche speaker Nilo Tingjuy presented pointers for cost-optimization, efficiency, and the enable=ment of a digital workplace as an enterprise content management system. He apprised business processes automation that allows clients to take charge of business administration smoothly.

The event concluded with the traditional Macrologic way of raffling away nifty items and souvenirs. As ever, MDTI is determined to further clients’ appreciation for IT innovations by hosting regular technology updates similar to this one.


HP Enterprise Services Update

HP Enterprise Services Update

MDTI on the Move: HPE Technology Updates Last week on February 8, 2017, HPE Technology Services Update ensued on Seda Hotel Nuvali, co-presented by Macrologic Diversified Technologies, Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The event lasted from 11:00AM to 4:00PM, and featured several speakers. The speaker on Data Center Care focused on explaining how HPE supports the new style of business through converged infrastructure support combined with environment support. HPE Data Center Care Services proudly adheres to proactive standards of support, to minimize the pitfalls of downtime and optimize IT operations.

The discussion on HPE Education Services highlighted several modes of learning offered by HPE such as e-Learning, Live Virtual Instructor, On-Site Training, Video Instructions, Traditional Classroom, and lastly, Customer Education Training. Afterwards, the area of focus revolved around doing away with outdated warranty agreements and how HPE Support Service has revolutionized problem identification and subsequent problem-solving.

The next topic of interest titled ‘Notice about Third Party Maintenance’ expounded on the advantages of HPE over employing Third Party Maintainers (TPMs). The speaker compared and contrasted human resources, their respective tools and diagnostics, geographic coverage, quality of replacement parts, escalation processes, intellectual capital management, and their corresponding product and services portfolio. Basically—true to its promise that “there are no silver bullets”—HPE excels in risk management and providing quality services.

Year in Review: MDTI in the Calendar Year of 2016

With each year that passes, Macrologic Diversified Technologies, Inc. draws ever closer to its corporate vision: Macrologic will be recognized as one of the leading supplier and provider of high-end technology resources in the IT industry. Now that another year is almost in the books, we toast by recapping some of the highlights regarding MDTI’s achievements/ events.

First and foremost, 2016 witnessed the rapid expansion of our scope of business, and consequently, the need to set up new workstations.

Back in April 28, 2016, the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new MDTI head office commenced in Brgy. Molino II, Bacoor City, Cavite. It is still undergoing construction in the present day, but is expected to be operational sometime around the upcoming 2017.
Another achievement credited to our company was the formal opening of MDTI Cebu branch, last September 27, 2016. It is the company’4th branch office. The need for such a branch is an indication of how far we’ve conquered the market.

2016 also witnessed MDTI seize all prospects for economic and profit growth, and this is reflected in our accolades from distinguished partners.

This year alone, MDTI is conferred 2 Lenovo Awards: FY1516 Top Performer of the Year Enterprise Business, and FY1516 Reseller of the Year Enterprise Business from Lenovo Enterprise Business. Armando R. Menta, our CEO & President, was also the recipient of the “Lenovo System X FY1516 Reseller Sales Leader of the Year” award for the Enterprise Business.

This success can be attributed to our outstanding nine (9) System X SAP Hana deployments, a figure unprecedented by any other competitor in the market.

We look forward to setting more benchmarks in the near future, for the entirety of our product and services portfolio. It is our singular goal as a system integrator company.

Lastly, 2016 witnessed our partnerships continue moving forward, even evolving to higher levels.

We became HPE Gold Partner, as well Dell Preferred Partner. MDTI also takes pride in being the only HPE Partner in the Philippines to hit HPE Services Target.

Overall, these triumphs result from the collective effort of all stakeholders—from top management and employees to business partners and clients. MDTI is a living, breathing entity that embodies the endless possibilities and opportunities for growth in the IT industry.

Our success will never be just a snapshot in time. It is a driving force that strives towards a prosperous future, a future founded in the totality of MDTI’s dedicated efforts.