Notice on Change of our Contact Numbers

Notice on Change of our Contact Numbers

Hi All,

In compliance with the directive of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) which orders all telecom providers in Metro Manila to migrate to eight-digit telephone numbers, MDTI Manila Office is changing its trunk line numbers effective October 6, 2019. Thanks!


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2018 MDTI Year End Article

2018 MDTI Year End Article

The year 2018 was marked by numerous momentous occasions and achievements for Macrologic Diversified Technologies, Inc. Here’s a roundup of those highlights from the year:

Macrologic conquered 2018 as the leading SAP HANA Hardware Platform provider in the Philippines.  The company persists as the trailblazer of Lenovo solutions for SAP HANA Appliance with Sixteen (16) deployments to recognized brands. On top of this achievement, MDTI is also the first in the Information Technology industry to deploy the Think System SR950 SAP HANA Appliance, the flagship server of Lenovo.

The first quarter witnessed Macrologic expound on its organizational structure through the introduction of new departments: Solution Architect Group, Public Sector Group and Learning Solutions Group. The first group specializes on virtualization, networking, backup solutions as well as server and storage; the second group took charge of projects and capacities in the government sector; and the last group focused on the Microsoft Technical Competency Training. The formation of these departments shows MDTI’s malleability to accommodate changing priorities to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Project MIaaS and Project MamaaS were piloted in 2018. MIaaS (Macrologic Infrastructure as a Service) is a data center quality framework grounded on ANSI/TIA-942 standards, and MamaaS (Macrologic Management as a Service) offers consultancy services for customers regarding IT solutions. In concurrence, the company smartened up its services through full compliance with the Data Privacy Act. Accompanying this feat is the progress towards additional expertise and product portfolio for network security through capacity-building trainings and certifications.

The company received major awards due to its contributions and excellence in the use, development and deployment of IT products and services.

March 20, 2018—Macrologic bagged the FY2018 Rising Star Partner of the Year award as recognition of its virtualization deployments around the country. MDTI is an Enterprise VMware Solution Provider holding advanced certifications from the platform.

June 14, 2018—Macrologic was awarded as the Lenovo Data Center Group Solutions Partner of the year for FY1718. The distinction signifies Macrologic’s unequalled market reach on a variety of Lenovo data center technologies. Macrologic also stands as a Lenovo Platinum Partner with a succession of achievements in record.

Macrologic knows that success is not static and that the capacity and drive to press forward is the true parameter for success. In this line, the company is exploring the expansion into the Bicol Region. MDTI has launched its fruitful 1st event in Bicol with Alliance Edge on Sept 6, 2018. The company introduced its SAP products, Financials and HR System, as well as its Macrologic Learning Solution offerings. The event drew a large number of potential customers and partners.

On top of specific victories are the company’s day-to-day accomplishments with the help of its human resources under the strong leadership of its top management. A formidable organizational commitment and a hivemind for success allowed Macrologic to strive for business excellence, and it will continue to do so for this year 2019.

Email Migration Advisory

Email Migration Advisory

Date: September 7, 2018

To: All Clients and Business Partner                                                                                                                              From: Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc.                                                                                                    Subject: Email Migration Advisory

Dear Ma’am / Sir,

In our continuous effort to streamline our operation in dealing with our Business Partners and Valued Customers, we are scheduled to migrate our email infrastructure from our old domain ( to our new domain ( on September 8, 2018, Saturday 8:00AM onwards.

Our new respective email addresses shall be indicated in our updated email signatures for your reference in all our future email correspondence. Furthermore, during the migration process, we may encounter some downtime hence we would like to seek your consideration on this matter. In the event that you receive any bounced back email, please reach out to your assigned Account Manager, Technical Engineers or your respective contact person from our company through their respective mobile numbers or on the following contact details;

Cavite Branch: (046) 434-1873, (046) 434-1875 to 77, (046) 502-1192

Manila Branch: (02) 706-1957, (02) 621-9346, (02) 621-9350, (02) 621-9373

Pampanga Branch: (045) 624-0176, (045) 624-0179

Bacolod Branch: (034) 431-3664 , (034) 441-9413

Cebu Branch: (032) 234-3492 , (032) 234-3648

Technical Team: Skype ID: macrologic_customersupport                                                                                         Direct Line: (046) 434-1873 to 77



MDTI acclaims partnership success with Lenovo, prevails as leading Lenovo System x for SAP HANA Appliance provider in the country   

MDTI acclaims partnership success with Lenovo, prevails as leading Lenovo System x for SAP HANA Appliance provider in the country  

Macrologic proudly celebrates the achievement of its partner Lenovo as the latter cements its status as largest provider of TOP500 supercomputers worldwide.

Lenovo recently announced the attainment of its goal to be world’s largest provider of TOP500 computing systems this year 2018. A remarkable 117 out of 500 supercomputers employ Lenovo solutions and its HPC and AI solutions have dominated 160 countries.

The success of its partners propel Macrologic forward. The company shares its strong vision of the future with its partners to move steadily ahead on the wheels of purpose. The longevity and efficacy of its partnership with Lenovo is founded on this fact.

Through its partnership with Lenovo, Macrologic is renowned as the leading provider of the Lenovo System x for SAP HANA hardware platform in the country.

Macrologic continues to hold the lead spot on Lenovo solutions for SAP HANA Appliance with fourteen (14) total deployments in its arsenal. Its clientele involves established names such as Pepsi Cola Products Philippines Corp, Daiichi Properties & Development Inc., VCY Sales Corp., Firefly Electric & Lighting Corp., Liwayway Marketing Corp., Davies Paint Inc., Getz Brothers Inc., iKitchen Inc., Southeast Asia Retail Inc., 77 Living Spaces Inc., National Book Store Inc., Green Cross Inc., among others.

Macrologic is also credited as the first IT company on a global scale to deploy Lenovo’s flagship server: Think System SR950 SAP HANA Appliance.

Macrologic’s market reach is expected to steadily expand, as the company’s mission statement is to conquer the industry with the coalition of its products, its people, and its partners.

Pay It Forward 2018

Pay It Forward 2018

As the school years opened, Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc, donated school supplies to 200 underprivileged grade school students from Buhay Na Tubig, Cavite. The outreach took part last June 2,2018 at Covina Villas Cavite, The activity was preceded by an Opening Prayer Led By Ms. Hazel followed by an Opening Speech by the Marketing Head of Macrologic, Ms. Elena Estanislao.

It was the year of 2013 when Macrologic started to support and Extend help to underprivileged students From Buhay Na Tubig, since then it has became their yearly practice. Macrologic is also a strong advocate of Providing Good Education for the next generation


Your Cloud , your Business…We make IT affordable!!!

Your Cloud , your Business…We make IT affordable!!!

True to our commitment in providing you the most cost effective and latest technology in today’s market. We are delighted and excited to bring you a flexible, fast and robust cloud experience at very reasonable costs. powered by reliable and globally renowned vendors Lenovo and Sangfor.

• World’s first and only 3rd Gen HCI Platform

 Comprehensive E2E one stop solution which deeply integrates compute, storage, networking and NFV

 One unified & intuitive web-based management platform in one pane of glass

 One step to cloud with smooth evolution

• Unprecedented Flexibility and Simplicity

 Appliance or Software, your choice!

 2 Nodes to start a cluster, best choice for ROBO

 One single unified platform with single vendor support

 One license suite with no confusion

• Best cost effective HCI solution in the market

 Significant TCO reduction through hardware and software consolidation

 Requires no specialist on O&M

• Thorough and professional local support

 Dedicated Pre-sales in SEA region and comprehensive CTI remote support from Malaysia

We have created 3 bundles that can cater to your different server workloads and will suit your budget. below is the EDM for your reference. You may also reach us using below contact details for any questions and inquiries.

Clik the below link for the brochure:

Your Cloud , your Business...We make IT affordable!!! (659 downloads)




Macrologic bags Lenovo Data Center Group Solutions Partner of the Year for FY1718

Macrologic bags Lenovo Data Center Group Solutions Partner of the Year for FY1718

Macrologic was named as the Lenovo Data Center Group Solutions Partner of the year for FY1718.

The award was conferred last June 14, 2018 at the Grand Hyatt Manila, Garden Pavilion of BGC, Taguig. The event was exclusive to Lenovo Business Partners.

The prestigious award recognizes Macrologic’s comprehensive market coverage across a broad selection of Lenovo data center technologies that is unparalleled in the industry. Macrologic played a key role as an enabler for Lenovo’s data center networks. Its highly-efficient deployments and adaptable technical support gave clients the competitive edge they demand and deserve.

Halfway into the year 2018, Macrologic has amassed marked achievements by proactively preparing for the future while reinforcing the foundations of the past.

Macrologic asserts a long-standing partnership with Lenovo that is continually fortified by the company’s drive to offer significant investments worthy only of the highest level of partner accreditations.

As of writing, Macrologic is a proud Lenovo Platinum Partner. During its rich history with Lenovo, Macrologic has also been awarded Macrologic FY1516 Top Performer of the Year, FY1516 Reseller of the Year (Enterprise Business), and its CEO Mr. Armando Menta was esteemed as the FY1516 Reseller Sales Leader of the Year.

Macrologic’s impressive partner ecosystem and industry awards is the outcome of the company’s commitment to innovation and effectual customer service.

Macrologic holds its newest vendor accolade in high regard as an impartial emblem and endorsement of the company’s capability to deliver the best datacenter solutions.


Macrologic bags FY2018 Rising Star Partner of the Year from VMware

Macrologic bags FY2018 Rising Star Partner of the Year from VMware

Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc., an Enterprise VMware Solution Provider has captured the FY2018 Rising Star Partner of the Year award from VMware in the recent partner recognition event held in The Blue Leaf Events Pavillion, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig on March 20, 2018.

The event was attended by various IT Players and VMware Partners all over the country. The recent award was achieved through the numbers of virtualization deployment made by Macrologic in customers from different industries in the local market. On the same event, Macrologic Senior Engineer, Mr. Raymund Catiis was given recognition for being one of the first few VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) to level up to VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP), a technical badge achieved through series of trainings and project implementation.

At present, Macrologic front-liners and customer support team hold various certifications as follow; VMware Sales Professional (VSP) for the sales, VMware Technical Sales Professional (VTSP) for the pre-sales and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) for the Engineers and the latest VMware Certified Advance Professional (VCAP). With the continuous training certifications, sales and marketing initiatives, not only with VMware but also with the other leading technologies that the company provide, customers can have more confidence working with Macrologic.

VMware is the leading technology vendor for cloud computing and virtualization platform. It’s the first company worldwide that successfully virtualized the x86 architecture. Macrologic has started offering the said technology sometime in 2012, the year that Macrologic has changed its name from Macrologic Computer Systems and Services to Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc. From thereon, its client base continues to grow and some has even entered into service maintenance with Macrologic.

To know more about virtualization, please send email to, or call your assigned Account Manager or the nearest Macrologic branch located in Cavite, Metro Manila, Pampanga, Cebu and Bacolod.

Macrologic now a Microsoft Learning Center

Macrologic now a Microsoft Learning Center

Adding to its service portfolio, Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc. now offers Technology Trainings for Microsoft products covering the Technology Deployment and Management, Office Productivity Tools and Business skills. The courses are available with flexibility for the students to take the specific learning module either in their office or in Macrologic training facility. The course outlines available are;

Server Technology; Installation and Administration for Windows OS, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, System Center and Hyper-V, Azure Stack

Windows Desktop OS – Installation and Administration

Microsoft Productivity Application – Office 365 and Dynamic 365

Microsoft Database – SQL Server Installation and Administration

Developer Tools – Visual Studios, Azure Sandbox

The Microsoft education is another value that Macrologic brings to the marketplace spearheaded by its own resource personnel Certified Trainer for Microsoft. Furthermore, it’s not only the learning module offers by the company but also the deployment and maintenance services the client may seek Macrologic to execute so that their IT resources can more focus on the business activities. For more information about the learning modules and services, please send email to, or call your assigned Account Manager or the nearest Macrologic branch.

Macrologic and Cisco Technology Update

Macrologic and Cisco Technology Update

Technology innovations are changing the way business operates. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines, getting their foot in the digital space is important to be able to compete alongside their more established and digitally oriented counterparts.

With that in mind, Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc. hosted its first 2018 event together with Cisco and its global distributor Comstor to introduce the Cisco Start – enterprise-class technology tailored to fit the small and medium-sized business. The Connect Now Event was held on March 15, 2018, at the Microtel by Wyndham Eagle Ridge, in General, Trias, Cavite City from 10 am to 3 pm. The event was attended by sixteen (16) companies, mostly from manufacturing, which are members of IT Association in Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

Cisco Start aims to help SMEs to stay ahead of the technology curve. Speaking at the event, Cisco Security System Engineer Neil Pagayonan explained the salience of cybersecurity solution. Cisco’s cybersecurity solution comes with integrated business approach combined with security technology with multiple security layers protection to stop more threats, gain more insights, detect them earlier and act faster.

Cisco Sales Specialist Bien Philip Borcelis, on the other hand, discussed Cisco Start’s routers, switches, wireless, and network management products – all designed to ease the business process and build SMEs a strong technology foundation.

Concomitant to Macrologic’s goal of improving clientele service is its aim to cater needs of the different size of the business and its requirements. In collaboration with Cisco and Comstor, Macrologic will help deliver products to empower SMEs, innovate, and improve productivity to keep up with the current business demands as well as those of the future.