Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc. is an Information Technology company that markets integrated software and hardware systems for corporate clients across all industries. The name it bears is an insignia of formidable ecosystem for products, solutions and services, farther adaptive to the diversifying model of Information Technology. Its innovative approach in addressing the customer needs has earned reputation as a Systems Integrator and a Solution Provider that operates above industry standard.

Its product offerings—empowered by sales professionals, as well as technical and service experts—are the perfect blend of business model that enable customers maximize their investment and meet satisfactory returns. The integration of infrastructure, content, and services to help clients deploy their business resources effectively, maximize their timelines, increase their savings, and grow their revenues is the unmatched expertise that Macrologic continues to deliver and innovate.

Founded in 2012, the company has since expanded its partnerships with various global IT leaders, and subsequently built a strong client base, which involves high-flying corporate customers. MDTI currently holds offices in Cavite (Main), Manila, Pampanga, Bacolod, and Cebu.
Diversification as a Principle

In a rapidly advancing industry wherein competition is tight and business demands are robust, MDTI understands that to succeed is to diversify. Its strength lies in its holistic approach towards the need for innovation. MDTI offers first-rate hardware, software, and services within the context of an ecosystem. It has adopted various solutions by tapping its network of both international and local organizations. It has enriched its product portfolio with business software tools and applications.

In 2014, Macrologic cements its market presence in the network arena with the first and biggest Cyberoam UTM appliance deployment, and the second biggest HP ArcSight Syslogger appliance deployment in the country. Its commitment to continual growth allows it to keep up with both new market players and longstanding market leaders.
Ever moving forward, the succeeding years witnessed the rapid expansion of MDTI’s scope of business, extending its market reach and consequently instituting operations in the Visayas area. A Branch Office in Bacolod was established in 2015, and a Cebu Branch was formed on September 27, 2016.

MDTI was also conferred 2 Lenovo Awards in 2016: FY1516 Top Performer of the Year Enterprise Business, and FY1516 Reseller of the Year Enterprise Business from Lenovo Enterprise Business owing to the company’s outstanding System X SAP Hana deployments, a figure unprecedented by any other competitor in the market.
Managing relationships with key stakeholders in the industry is part and parcel of MDTI’s success. MDTI brandishes holism not only in the IT aspect but also in its business conduct and development. Its recognition as an IBM Advanced Business Partner, Lenovo Diamond Business Partner and VMware Enterprise Solution Provider is a mark of MDTI’s adherence to integrity and public trust among consumers, producers, and investors. In 2016, MDTI became HPE Gold Partner as well Dell Preferred Partner

The Best Breed of Ecosystems

MDTI offers complete solutions which encompass Data Center design and construction, network security, application server and storage, structured cabling services, virtualization, WAN/LAN communications, server client solutions, disaster recovery infrastructure, surveillance systems, and various other hardware solutions and software applications. Its major products comprise of a combination of renowned international and local brands such as Lenovo, IBM, HPe, HPi, Dell, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and Sophos, among others. Aligned strategically across the fields of hardware engineering and software development, Macrologic’s product portfolio is comprised of the world’s best IT brands guaranteed to help clients reap the benefits of cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Corporate Approach

MDTI is responsive to the ever-changing IT landscape and the globalizing business community, and adapts its infrastructure accordingly. MDTI is presently hosting an ecosystem backed by reputable companies and partners. Macrologic’s key business engagement is to provide clients the access to a unit in its ecosystem, inform of its potentials, and encourage them to utilize it as a tool for business competitiveness. MDTI helps clients conceptualize, design, and apply their portfolio of relevant technology systems and infrastructures. The product portfolio—empowered by MDTI sales professionals, as well as technical and service experts— is the groundwork of the flourishing MDTI reputation.

Corporate Mission
Macrologic will maintain excellent records of accomplishment in the IT industry and maintain a rewarding relationship with its partners, clients and stakeholders. It will continue to cultivate business based on trust, positive values, social responsibility and preservation of the environment.

Corporate Vision
Macrologic will be recognized as one of the industry leaders and known as a reliable supplier and provider of high-end technology resources, allowing clients excellent adaptations to the latest trends in Information Technology.